BlueLine Support™ is a peer support officer program combined with a network of Mental Health Professionals (MHPs) to provide intervention, prevention, resiliency, training, and self-care services for law enforcement officers regardless of status (wounded/active/retired), rank, or agency.

Access to BlueLine Support™ is through a 24 hour hotline [(855) 964-2583] which connects the calling officer with a trained peer support officer. The peer support officer will explore the officer’s issues to determine the appropriateness of a referral to one of our network of Professionals. Many times simply speaking to a peer support officer gives the officer the necessary perspective and relief needed to address the issues without the need for a referral. 

For those times in which a referral is needed, the peer support officer will provide a referral to the officer based upon their geographical location, insurance provider, and presenting issue. Officer’s insurance providers are billed by the MHP so that HIPPA laws apply thus assuring 100% confidentiality is afforded and maintained.

The MHPs utilized by BlueLine Support are carefully selected to include only those who have demonstrated an understanding in police culture and what an officer experiences daily. Most often this is achieved by the MHP having dealt previously with law enforcement officers in their private practices, having LEO family members, or were LEOs themselves. Each MHP is also trained by BlueLine Support prior to any officer being referred to them. 

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