Peer Support Officer (PSO)

BlueLine Support is looking for officers who would like to be a Peer Support Officer (PSO). If you are interested in becoming a PSO, either contact us via our Contact page on this site or complete the PSO application at: Your application is confidential.

A Peer Support Officer (PSO) is an individual who is a full time or retired law enforcement officer, who has completed the application and screening process, been trained by BlueLine Support (BLS) and has taken an oath of confidentiality.

A PSO is an individual who respects a Client Officer’s (CO’s) confidentiality and will advocate for that officer’s best interest during their period with this program.

Peer Support Officer Criteria

• An active sworn law enforcement or correctional officer
• In good standing with their department
• Willing to be on-call
• Agree to maintain strict confidentiality
• Be empathic and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Be motivated and willing to manage time effectively
• Successfully complete the selection process
• Attend and successfully complete the minimum training program
• Agree to participate in any on-going training

BlueLine Support (BLS) provides prospective PSOs with an initial training and orientation. Topics such as cultural awareness, legal issues, and collaboration with others involved in the CO contact in order to provide helpful information about how to approach specific problems and situations. It is mandatory that all prospective PSOs attend these training sessions.

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